Julie Bolejack

Julie BolejackSunday 12:30p.m.–1:15p.m.
Culinary Stage

Hi, I’m Julie Bolejack, the founder of Chocolate for the Spirit. I’d like to share a moment to introduce myself and tell you about the company and our chocolates. AtChocolate for the Spirit we don’t just sell chocolate. We use our creative spirit to fulfill our customer’s needs, enrich our lives, and support those who need a helping hand. We’ve got spirit, yes we do... Chocolate for the Spirit is here for you!

A 'vision' of Chocolate for the Spirit was revealed to me about a few years ago during a much needed retreat to the beautiful Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona. Ever feel like the world has turned against you and no matter how hard you work or what you do, it’s never enough? Well, that’s the way I felt. My life was a bucket of stress and I was fast on my way to a total crash and burn. I was in the process of throwing myself a HUGE pity party :) The break from my everyday stressful life, the beautiful, spiritual surroundings of Sedona and a two-day workshop with famed author, playright, mentor and creative person extraordinaire, Julia Cameron, allowed me to leave Sedona a transformed person... transformed FOREVER!

In the days that followed my return home from Sedona, I seriously questioned my life and my future. How many times have we heard ‘find your passion’, ‘do what you love’, ‘serve others’? In asking myself these questions –the concept of Chocolate for the Spirit evolved. I am passionate about food, love chocolate, and want to share my creations with others for their enjoyment.

No surprise that the hardest part of realizing ones dream is taking action –making it happen! My experience is that perseverance is required as few roads run straight –they have curves, cliffs, bumps and hazards. So with lots of effort and support from an awesome husband, Chocolate for the Spirit was realized in 2009. Chocolate for the Spirit is, and will always be, a work in progress... changing and evolving to explore new taste creations and meet all your Chocolate needs. Chocolate a need? ABSOLUTELY :)

However, one thing that will never change is Chocolate for the Spirit’s commitment to providing you fresh, superior chocolates using the best ingredients from around the world.