Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDanielSun: 12:30–1:15
Culinary Stage


Being a pastry chef is second nature to Chef Hattie. Her great-grandmother Hattie and her two grandmothers were all fabulous cooks and bakers. Great-grandmother Hattie, for whom she is named, once managed Barringer’s Tavern on South Meridian Street! It’s no surprise that Chef Hattie’s youthful passion for baking became her chosen career path.

Chef Hattie graduated with honors in baking and pastry arts from Johnson and Wales University in North Carolina. She also earned her Certificate of French Pastry Arts from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Patisserie in France. The most valuable lesson she learned was that, contrary to popular thinking, baking is not a science—it’s a feeling.

Chef Hattie brought her exquisite feel for baking to her first job at Peterson’s Restaurant. At Vida, she continues to combine childhood favorites with unconventional techniques to create nostalgic, yet innovative, desserts that make our diners smile. Although she’s one of Indy’s youngest chefs, Chef Hattie’s ricotta donuts won top-place in the dessert category at the 2016 Indy Monthly’s “Best of Indy” publication and event. You’ll definitely want to save room for dessert when you visit Vida! Hattie balances her love of baking with weight lifting and strength training.