Luke Trinosky

Lucas Trinosky

Hi, I’m Luke... Trinosky, aka Chef T. I was one of those kids growing up who instead of watching cartoons on Saturdays was watching Yan Can Cook, Justin Wilson, and Julia Childs. I credit the hamburger as to why I started cooking; sometimes they could be so-so and then when prepared from skilled hands, on a Weber in 3 feet of snow they could be nearly life changing. In my first kitchen job at the 24-hour greasy spoon I saw moods change (for the better) as people ate my food, and culinary addiction began. I’ve started a line of cooking sauces under the name Culinary Rogue to help people create high 5 worthy food at home.

My next contribution to the culinary world is to start the Scholastic Apprenticeship of Gastronomy, a rebirth in culinary education. We blend the knowledge of culinary school and the hands-on experience of an apprenticeship to best equip graduates for their future and the Indianapolis food scene. The benefits of a guided apprenticeship are tremendous for both the students and the restaurants: networking, hands-on real-life learning, and an overall immersion into the culinary arts.

I consider myself very lucky and fortunate with my chosen career, it’s allowed me to live in and work at some really great places while meeting fantastic people. I’m a graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Charleston SC, I’ve also lived in Durham (NC), Cincinnati (twice), Providence, and for the last decade in Indy where I’ve been a chef instructor nearly the whole time. I’ve got a food truck, High 5 Lunch, specializing in world nachos (Thai Curry, Caribbean Jerk) where the menu changes often and ingredients are sourced as locally and seasonally as possible.