George Turkette

George Turkette


George Turkette

George Turkette has spent years learning about the process of butchering and curing meat. 

He opened the Downtown location of Pizzology, now Stella, as executive chef. From that point on, he says that every restaurant he has worked in he has let them know of his interest in charcuterie. 

He worked at Cunningham Restaurant Group and took over their pancetta program and had some fun with it. Then he went to Mesh and Cerulean. From there, he knew what he wanted to do, so he started an apprenticeship at Smoking Goose. He signed up for an 18-month charcuterie apprenticeship and only did 10 months there.”

Now, with another year under his belt and a new partner, Turkette’s vision and skills are even more developed for the business he is bringing to Indianapolis: Turchetti’s Salumeria. 

Turchetti’s Salumeria is bringing whole animal butchering to Indianapolis –but it will not be behind closed doors. George wants everything to be transparent and for guests to be able to see every part of the process of what they do. The company will be opening later this year at 1106 Prospect Street in Fountain Square. 

Bringing the butchering out of the back and to the forefront is something that Turkette believes is an important aspect to bring consumers closer to the meat that they are eating, and subsequently bring more respect to the animals. He wants to create an educational atmosphere and a positive environment.

While the storefront is not yet open, consumers can buy their products at select farmers markets, and many restaurants such as Milktooth, Oakley’s Bistro, IMA Beer Garden, Italian House on Main in Westfield, Cardinal Spirits, New Day Meadery and Wildwood Market use their products as well.